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Audio Video Systems

Speakers, In Wall

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER112910Aiphone27001060H1 Speaker F/Intercom SystmsCall for Price.Details
ER112624Aiphone270215Jk Monitor SpeakerCall for Price.Details
ER1081270AiphoneNI-LBCeiling Speaker SubCall for Price.Details
ER117607Alltel / Windstream SupplyS4222By2 Lay-In Clarity Speaker W/Switch Volume Contrl$57.10Details
ER117712Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1014BBK5Watt Track Style Speaker Blck$127.25Details
ER117713Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1015BWWWhite Pendant Speaker With A White Grill And Chain$120.18Details
ER117720Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1040BClean Room Speaker$226.23Details
ER117306Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042GYSlimline Wall Speaker Gray$91.90Details
ER116513Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1042WWall Mount Speaker White$91.90Details
ER116515Alltel / Windstream SupplyV1052C8" Ampl Wall Spkr. Metal$60.10Details
ER833310Alltel / Windstream SupplyV10541Way Corner Wl Spker Mtl$57.27Details
ER117647Alltel / Windstream SupplyV9852Vandal Resistant 8" Wallspeaker W/Enclosure$118.76Details
ER117763Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP-418Ip Square Faceplate 8" Speaker White$567.20Details
ER117678Alltel / Windstream SupplyVIP-432-DFIp Talkback Speaker Faceplate Flush Mount$827.18Details
ER875529Alpha CommunicationsN1000ALNexa Speaker/Micr. Module-Alum$23.30Details
ER869783Alpha CommunicationsN1110AL1 Butt Nexa Spkr/Mic Module-Al$28.62Details
ER125849ATW / MasconFK5615 Watt 8 Ohm Flush Mount Speaker$8.51Details
ER319866ATW / MasconH50830 Watt Speaker$14.90Details
ER127954ATW / MasconMS3215 Watt Wall Mount Speaker$7.56Details
ER125864AudiosourceAC515WAudio Source 5" Mtm Inwall Lcr Speaker$101.79Details
ER125865AudiosourceAC5W5.25" In-Wall Speaker Woofer$118.76Details
ER126902AudiosourceAC6W6" Inwall 2 Way Speaker$134.32Details
ER319037Bi-TronicsKRA-SPKW6132-Way Open Back Rec. In-Wall Spkr$196.53Details
ER592691Bogen CommunicationsAH15ASpeaker, Amplified Horn, One-Way, 15 W, 1 A $105.60Details
ER592727Bogen CommunicationsBC1CLAMPSBogen Beamclamps For Speakers$8.60Details
ER592875Bogen CommunicationsG8GSpeaker, Near Signature Series, In-Ground, Outdoor$212.88Details
ER593062Bogen CommunicationsS810T725PG8USpeaker Assembly W/ Transformer / Grille, 8 Inch,$26.57Details
ER593070Bogen CommunicationsS86T725BRSpeaker, 8", 6 Oz Magnet, S86T725 W/ Terminal Stri$21.23Details
ER593093Bogen CommunicationsSCW20Speaker Option, Sound Column, 20 W, Walnut Finish$137.29Details
ER593165Bogen CommunicationsVRS1Speaker, Vandal Resistant, Transformer, Call-In Sw$84.59Details
ER856668Bosch Security (CCTV)EVID42Dual 4” Two Way Surface Mount Speaker$317.82Details
ER1080722Bosch Security (CCTV)EVIDSW44Wall-Mount Background Music Speaker Syst$366.78Details
ER980321Bosch Security (CCTV)EVIDSW44WWall-Mount Background Music Speaker Syst$366.78Details
ER1032434Bosch Security (CCTV)EVU208295WHTDual 8-In, Two-Way, White$625.27Details
ER1064816Bosch Security (CCTV)LB1UM06E1Metal Cabinet Loudspeaker 6 W$69.98Details
ER1077098Bosch Security (CCTV)LBB320100Line Array Loudspeaker For Large (Reverb$504.21Details
ER1057748Bosch Security (CCTV)TSP1Includes 2 Ev Tripod Speaker Stands (Tss$114.82Details
ER731003Bosch Security (CCTV)ZLX12Zlx 12" Two-Way Passive Loudspeaker$303.05Details
ER964615Bosch Security (CCTV)ZLX15PUSZlx 15" Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker$504.92Details
ER964860Bose31509Virt Invisible 191 Spkrs Wh Pr$262.99Details
ER1054058Bose43567Adaptiq Inwall Spkr Ser3 Wh Ea$267.23Details
ER1065758Bose742895-0200Vrtully Invisible 691 In-Wall$387.22Details
ER974880Bose742896-0200Virtually Invisible 891 In-Wal$499.03Details
ER972257Bose782114-1210Lifestyle 600 In Wall System W$2,939.09Details
ER597893Chamberlain Professional / Sentex2B639Svc Kit Speaker El25$40.45Details
ER598247Chamberlain Professional / SentexSOLAR3Solar Panel 64Watts 16.5V (29.16" X$1,389.75Details
ER143893Channel VisionA0350Amplifier, In Wall 100 Watt Class D Amp$178.60Details
ER145761Channel VisionIW601In-Wall Speaker (Pair)$148.46Details
ER598413Channel VisionIW603Low Profile In-Wall Speaker. 120 Watt Ca$63.50Details
ER353711Channel VisionIW814Speaker, In-Wall 8" Soprano High Perform$145.53Details
ER145144Channel VisionLCR5275.25" Left-Center-Right In-Wall Speaker$102.30Details
ER144418Channel VisionLCR6256.5" Left Center Right In Wall$112.43Details
ER901200Cyrex Networks / Comelit1682VCAudio Speaker Unit W/ Remote Camera Inpu$678.31Details
ER1076418Dortronics1804058Speaker Mylar 8 Ohm 3.5" Speaker$13.27Details
ER932810EmphasysEM0021651Thinbezel 6.5 85W Inwall Spkr PairCall for Price.Details
ER1003201EmphasysEM0021671Thinbezel 6.5 100W Inwall Spkr PairCall for Price.Details
ER968448EmphasysEM0021851Thinbezel 8 125W Inwall Spkr PrCall for Price.Details
ER1064775EmphasysEM0022501Thinbezel 5.25 Lcr Inwall Spkr EachCall for Price.Details
ER962463EmphasysEM0022551Thinbezel 5.25 Lcr Inwall Spkr EachCall for Price.Details
ER161320EmphasysIW60Iw6.0 SpeakerCall for Price.Details
ER153033EmphasysIW656-1/2" In-Wall SpeakersCall for Price.Details
ER185626EmphasysIW676-1/2" In-Wall SpeakersCall for Price.Details
ER153036EmphasysWL50Dual 5-1/4" In-Wall Lcr SpeaCall for Price.Details
ER153114Engineered Mechanical InnovationsP22MS4430MPioneer 22W 19Rm 25U 30D Blk$680.35Details
ER171465EVI Audio / University Sound301364001Speaker 12"Subwf 300Wt Amp 1Pc$854.75Details
ER834730EVI Audio / University SoundFM4.2 (PAIR) (F.01U.120.596)Dual 4" Flush Mount Inwall Speaker System (Pair)$317.68Details
ER153603EVI Audio / University SoundFM6.2 (PAIRS)Dual 6" Flush Mount Inwall Speaker System Pairs$428.13Details
ER175825GE Security / UTC Fire & Security13454Interior Speaker, Recess Mount:$16.45Details
ER172121Golden State InstrumentGS59040 W Speaker$31.30Details
ER194776International Connector & Cable / ICCIC107DSCIVModule Speaker Dual Ivory$3.73Details
ER926696Intra SonicEXI65IIExtreme Series 6.5" 2-Way In-Wall Speake$110.84Details
ER346062Intra SonicEXR6T6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker, 5-100 Wat$149.37Details
ER928344Intra SonicI100CCWhite 8" In-Wall Center Channel With Met$42.38Details
ER1001590Intra SonicI100WWhite 8" Watt In-Wall Speaker With Metal$83.98Details
ER965954Intra SonicI100WPACInclude 2 Pr 100 Watt In-Wall Speakers$155.50Details
ER978662Intra SonicI30WWhite 6 1/2In In-Wall Speaker With Metal$48.47Details
ER1003746Intra SonicI30WPACIncludes 2 Pr 30 Watt In-Wall Speakers$92.24Details
ER634624Intra SonicI600AAlmond, 80 Watt In-Wall Music System, Up$331.89Details
ER1010041Intra SonicJAI6AII6.5" 2-Way In-Wall Speaker, 10-100 Wa$102.57Details
ER997888Intra SonicJAI8AII8" 2-Way In-Wall Speaker, 10-150 Watt$128.02Details
ER309582Intra SonicJARK820GY8" 2-Way Rock Speaker, 250 Watts, Grey$101.88Details
ER346037Intra SonicJARK820SB8" 2-Way Rock Speaker, 250 Watts, Red$101.88Details
ER1050926Intra SonicJAT5B1Single, 5.25 Woofer Outdoor Speaker, Bl$57.82Details
ER749920Intra SonicJAT5W1Single, 5.25 Woofer Outdoor Speaker, Wh$57.82Details
ER1011345JBL Professional75003023St400 Trio Slv Super Tweeter Rms 150W$61.51Details
ER968068JBL ProfessionalC126WIn Wall Speaker 6.5" Pair$349.04Details
ER1056395JBL ProfessionalC128WIn Wall Speaker 8" Pair$429.49Details
ER1072932JBL ProfessionalC128WTIn Wall Spkr 8" Pair W/Tranfmr$474.48Details
ER952650JBL ProfessionalCONTROL 322CTC 322C W/100W X-Former$623.11Details
ER1050214KEFCI100QSSquare In Wall/Ceil Spkr$131.49Details
ER981574KEFCI130CS5.25 2-Way Square Spkr Each$124.42Details
ER1059505KEFCI160.2QS (WHITE)6.5 Uni-Q 2Way Square (White)$70.69Details
ER1079319KEFCI160CL6.5 2-Way Rectangle - Each$161.18Details
ER988494KEFCI160QL6.5 Uni-Q 2-Way Rectangle-Ea$209.26Details
ER1023377KEFCI160TSShallow Depth In-Wall Spkr Ea$209.26Details
ER1040705KEFCI200QS8 Uni-Q 2-Way Square Spkr$246.02Details
ER272069Legend AudioLEG100BLegend Audio Leg-100W In/Out$206.73Details
ER199462Legend AudioLEG2000Legend Audio Inwall Speaker$459.28Details
ER209377Legend AudioLEG4000Off Wht.In Wall 5-120 Watt Spk$542.20Details
ER199466Legend AudioLEG850KVLegend Audio Leg850Kv Kevlar$236.49Details
ER637769LevitonAEI656.5" In Wall Speaker 1 Fg = 1 Pair Of Speakers$202.48Details
ER637770LevitonAEI80Jbl Wall Spkrs 8"$249.94Details
ER966922LevitonAEI80-0008" In Wall Speaker, 1 Fg = 1 Pair Of Speakers$257.33Details
ER952434LevitonAEM65Swvl Tweeter Mntg Sm Jbl 6.5$145.37Details
ER637771LevitonAEM65-000Wh 6.5" In-Wall 2-Channel Speaker 1 Fg$147.04Details
ER272695LevitonLI145-2W2French-Style Wallplate Insert 45Mm X 45Mm, 2 Port, Flat White$1.86Details
ER638861Linear / Music & SoundMR6WIn Wall Speaker Mnting Ring Pair$20.50Details
ER638863Linear / Music & SoundMR8WM S Mounting Ring$19.68Details
ER638938Linear / Music & SoundS100WM S S100W "Pair Of 8-Ohm Built$131.81Details
ER638947Linear / Music & SoundS50WMns S50W 1 Pair 80 Ohm Blt In$98.09Details
ER638953Linear / Music & SoundSA6MWRKIT*Eol* 2-Way 50W Wall Mount Speaker$123.98Details
ER638954Linear / Music & SoundSA6WRKITM S 2-Way 50W Wall Mnt Spkr$123.98Details
ER638955Linear / Music & SoundSAMM S Sam 8-Ohm Built-In 2-Way 1$63.52Details
ER638956Linear / Music & SoundSAM6WRKITM S 2-Way 50W Wall Mnt Spkr$123.98Details
ER638958Linear / Music & SoundSAMWRM S Samwr 100W 2-Way Stereo$70.05Details
ER273754Louroe ElectronicsTLO-NMSpeaker, Tlo-Nm Series, Outdoor *No Microphone* $197.42Details
ER871124Lowell ManufacturerMC701Grille For Clock/Speaker Combo$137.77Details
ER764342Lowell ManufacturerP875X6Backbox-Surface-8In Spkr, Steel, 8$29.92Details
ER1064832Lowell ManufacturerR181072Speaker$37.89Details
ER773301Lowell ManufacturerSL81072Speaker Package-8In Spkr-15W, 5W 70/25V$58.03Details
ER804877Lowell ManufacturerXCP84Steel Recessed Backbox For 8Inch Speaker$22.41Details
ER340043MG ElectronicsIWS500Speaker 51/4" Pair$15.89Details
ER766262MG ElectronicsSB-150Indoor/Outdoor High Tech 2-Way Mini Speaker System$99.69Details
ER204341Mitek16188" Baf Square White$40.51Details
ER204356MitekAH6565SHrn Cd 15"Lf 2-Way Stadium Sys 65X65 Ss$1,618.44Details
ER275523MitekAPX40TN40W W/ Xfmr - Paging Loud Spkrs$142.16Details
ER275529MitekAT35PARMDeluxe Priority, Rack Mounted 35W Attenu$44.56Details
ER204373MitekC5AT72Spk 8 In 5 Oz Dual T72/4W$36.63Details
ER275534MitekC803AT47Spk 8 In Coax T7/4W$60.07Details
ER275535MitekC803AT70Spk 8 In Coax T7/5W$56.38Details
ER902153MitekC803AT72Spk 8 In Coax T72/4W$56.38Details
ER957355MitekCD520W5 1/4In 2-Way Rectangular In-Wall$69.48Details
ER980323MitekCD620W6 1/2In 2-Way Rectangular In-Wall$75.80Details
ER647034MitekCT2525LCRMtx, Dual 5/14" In-Wall Sheilded Lcr, Ea$105.27Details
ER647035MitekCT800SWMtx, 8" In-Wall Sub, Ea$129.56Details
ER236183MitekDT121X2' Speaker Pkg W/Enclsr$104.03Details
ER204382MitekEZ958Bracket For 10Oz Cone Speakers$38.55Details
ER647039MitekFAP40TB4" Ceiling Speaker System With 70.7/100V$77.50Details
ER275547MitekFC104TSpk 4 In 10 Oz T72/8W$50.38Details
ER204391MitekG1618Spk Pkg C5 T72/4W 161-8 1-9$65.86Details
ER222745MitekGD87W8' Coaxial Loudspeaker 8Watt$56.38Details
ER647043MitekH625WEMtx, 5 1/4", Rectangular, In-Wall (Enclo$300.65Details
ER745986MitekHD25WAtlas Sound White Speaker Package C10 I$44.56Details
ER204393MitekHD72WSpeaker Pkg$44.56Details
ER204394MitekHT2625WDual 6.5In In Wall Speaker System$212.92Details
ER1056823MitekHT625W6 1/2In 2-Way Rectangular In-Wall$151.59Details
ER204396MitekHT8253W8In 3 Way Premium In Wall Speaker System$428.64Details
ER1077491MitekHT825W8In 2-Way Rectangular In-Wall$176.88Details
ER339352MitekI8SCMIp Speaker, Wall Mount Ips, Clock &Amp; Mic$969.32Details
ER480250MitekM1000WSpk Msk C10T7 / 8M Sq 734C Rs Rmx (2)Hng$84.94Details
ER275559MitekM2000LPSpk Msk L Profile Flr 70V T70 Xfmr Bx$121.21Details
ER236210MitekPM4FAWPndt Mnt Speaker White 70V 8Am$180.84Details
ER647062MitekSM42TWH4” 2-Way Weather Resistant Speaker Syste$94.47Details
ER222779MitekSM8CXTWSpk 8 In Coax T7/60W Cab Sys Wht$514.30Details
ER236228MitekSSA7Adp Spk Std 1-3/8 To Plt Mnt 100 Cap Stl$36.01Details
ER204437MitekTP2400Thunder Pro 2, Dual 12" 2-Way Pa$327.98Details
ER647068MitekUKT252CU5188" Loudspeaker For Fire Protective Signa$117.29Details
ER236538MTX / Mitek625W6-1/2" 2Way In-Wall Spkrs-Pair$142.80Details
ER236540MTX / MitekCD520WMtx Distributed 5 1/4" 2 Way$79.17Details
ER225550MTX / MitekCD620W6 1/2"2-Way In-Wall Speaker-Pr$86.24Details
ER225551MTX / MitekCT825WMtx 8" 2-Way In-Wall-Pair$171.08Details
ER275880MTX / MitekH622AW6.5" Round Stero All Weather$106.04Details
ER236543MTX / MitekH625WEMtx 6 1/2" In Wall Speakers$248.85Details
ER236544MTX / MitekHT520BDP5-1/4 In Wall Bipole To Dieple$387.22Details
ER225555MTX / MitekHT6253W6-1/2" In Wall$274.05Details
ER204748MTX / MitekHT625W6-1/2" In Wall Speaker$171.08Details
ER225557MTX / MitekHT8253W8" In Wall Speaker-Pair$343.59Details
ER652582Niles AudioLSO86-½" Indoor/Outdoor LoudspeakerCall for Price.Details
ER227395Nutone360760003 1/2" 16 Ohm Speaker$26.18Details
ER276778Nutone36090In Wall Speaker$47.41Details
ER934648NuVo / LegrandNV-2IW5-LCRSeries Two 5.25" In-Wall Lcr Speaker (Single)$104.62Details
ER1080605NuVo / LegrandNV2IW6Nuvo Ser2 6.5" In-Wall Spk (Pair)$137.14Details
ER653217NuVo / LegrandNV-AP16I6.5"Inwall Plus1 Speaker Pair$107.45Details
ER653223NuVo / LegrandNV-AP18I8"In Wall Accent Speaker Pair$159.77Details
ER653230NuVo / LegrandNV-AP26I6.5"In Wall Accent Speaker$207.84Details
ER653234NuVo / LegrandNV-AP28I8"In Wall Accent Speaker Pair$261.58Details
ER653236NuVo / LegrandNVBK6C6.5 Inch In Ceiling Rough In Brackets, Pair$14.17Details
ER653237NuVo / LegrandNV-BK8CBracket 8"In Ceiling Rough In(Pair)$14.17Details
ER839856NuVo / LegrandNVBK8IBracket 8"In Wall Rough In(Pair)$14.17Details
ER206062OEM SystemsIW303AOem Snglgng Spkr Ab Sw Plts Al$47.60Details
ER237918OEM SystemsSE694KE5 1/4" 2Way Rect Inwll Kevl Pair$125.83Details
ER898653OEM SystemsSE790KE6 1/2" 2Way Rect Inwll Kevl Pr$171.08Details
ER227657OEM SystemsSE791EPolypropyleme Woofer&Soft Dme Pivoting Tweeter$108.86Details
ER227658OEM SystemsSE891EPolypropyleme Woofer&Soft Dome Pivoting Tweeter$135.73Details
ER302027OEM SystemsSE-893KE8" 3 Way Rectangle Speaker Kevlar Pair$261.58Details
ER805089On-Q / Legrand36466201****Eol***$51.37Details
ER230423On-Q / Legrand364672026.5" Celing Pre Constructed Bracket Pair$19.54Details
ER277246On-Q / Legrand36476502**Eol**000, 6.5" In-Wall Speaker (Pair)$83.04Details
ER301986On-Q / LegrandAU2012-WHTwo Room Speaker Level Starter Kit White$60.65Details
ER230533On-Q / LegrandF9006-LAUniversal Sngle Speaker Outlet Strp In Light Almnd$8.93Details
ER230547On-Q / LegrandHT7651Evoq 7000 Series 6.5 In Wall Speakers$134.05Details
ER230549On-Q / LegrandHT7801Evoq 7000 Series 8In In-Wall Speaker$159.09Details
ER765226On-Q / LegrandMS05ICV16.5 Inch Indoor Round Speaker ( Pair )$40.26Details
ER1073653On-Q / LegrandMS05ODV15.25 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Spkr (Pair)$50.33Details
ER230565On-Q / LegrandMS1651Evoq 1000 6.5" In Wall Speakers (Pair$73.16Details
ER904896On-Q / LegrandMS1655STV16.5In Single Location Stereo Rock Speaker Sandston$111.75Details
ER238272On-Q / LegrandMS3651Evoq3000 6.5 Inches In-Wall Speaker$160.90Details
ER981246On-Q / LegrandNV2IW5LCRSeries Two 5.25" In-Wall Lcr Speaker (Si$98.81Details
ER953369On-Q / LegrandNV2IW6Series Two 6.5" In-Wall Speaker$128.53Details