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Audio Video Systems

A/V Power and Accessories

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER931303Accurate Connections33052100High Res Vga Hd15M/M 100Ft$98.03Details
ER1023512AKG Acoustics2934H00010Charging UnitCall for Price.Details
ER974844AKG Acoustics4000 SAME AS PSU01/4000CableCall for Price.Details
ER981134AKG Acoustics7801H0012012V/500Ma Power Supply For Wireless Systems, Eu/UsCall for Price.Details
ER971241AKG AcousticsAC12 PSU12V 2000MA LOCKAc12 Psu12V 2000Ma Lock Eu/Us/Uk/AuCall for Price.Details
ER957291AKG AcousticsB18Battery Driven Phantom Power UnitCall for Price.Details
ER998719AKG AcousticsPSU01 AS GS574 VNDR PARTPower SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER972371AKG AcousticsPSU01/40001.4A Pwr Sply F/Wrls ReceiversCall for Price.Details
ER1065672AKG AcousticsPSU4000Central Power Supply Unit W/ 3 12Volt OutputsCall for Price.Details
ER117425Alltel / Windstream SupplyVP4124DSwtchg Power Supply 4A/24VCall for Price.Details
ER322635Alpha CommunicationsPSR-24/12214Vdc Reg Power SpplyCall for Price.Details
ER866315APC / American Power ConversionAP8866Rack Pdu 2G, Metered, Zerou, 17.2Kw, 208V, (6) C1Call for Price.Details
ER123852APC / American Power ConversionH10BLKApc Av H10 Power Conditioner 120 V, 1 Kva$0.02Details
ER121989APC / American Power ConversionH15BLK1.5 Kva Premium Surge Protection Blk$318.17Details
ER123162APC / American Power ConversionJ10 BLACKPower Conditioners With BatteryCall for Price.Details
ER122995APC / American Power ConversionJ35BAv H Type 1.5K Pwr Conditionr Bat Bckup Avr120V$471.36Details
ER123181APC / American Power ConversionP4VA/V Surge Ptr 4 Outlet 120VCall for Price.Details
ER122010APC / American Power ConversionP6VA/V Surge Ptr 6 Outlet120VCall for Price.Details
ER122011APC / American Power ConversionP7V7Outlet Surge Arrest For Computer W/Co-Axial Prote$19.63Details
ER122012APC / American Power ConversionP8VNTGAud/Video Power Saver 8Outlet Phone/Network/Coax$66.34Details
ER123200APC / American Power ConversionS10BLKPower Supply Apc Black With Battery Backup 120VoltCall for Price.Details
ER359042APC / American Power ConversionS15BEZELBLKApc Av Blk S15 Bezel AssemblyCall for Price.Details
ER122122APC / American Power ConversionS15BLKPower Supply Apc Av Black Power ConditionerCall for Price.Details
ER123201APC / American Power ConversionS20BLKPower Supply 120V S Type With Battery Backup BlackCall for Price.Details
ER122123APC / American Power ConversionSBATTBLKPower Supply Conditioner W/Battery Pack 48V BlackCall for Price.Details
ER122165APC / American Power ConversionSYA12K16RMIAps Sym Lx 12Kva 16Kva 220/230/240V&380/400/415VCall for Price.Details
ER319891Atlas SoundAP-2410-15SPower Strip, Vertical, 10-Outlet, Lighted Main Pow$118.54Details
ER875276Atlas SoundAP-S15HRPower Strip, (6) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$88.84Details
ER736688Atlas SoundAP-S15RTHRPower Strip, (6) Total Outlets Including (1) Front$161.99Details
ER590813Atlas SoundASPMG24PSUSound Masking Generator PsuCall for Price.Details
ER921289Atlas SoundECM-2063Power Sequencer Raceway System, (12) Outputs, Divi$386.99Details
ER126814Atlas SoundECM-20SHPower Conditioner, (2) Outlets, 20 Amps, Active Ou$216.77Details
ER921246Atlas SoundECS-204Power Conditioner / Sequencer System, (9) Total Ou$455.83Details
ER126126Atlas SoundECS-3Power Sequencer / Distribution Module, Front Panel$415.77Details
ER356666Atlas SoundTSD-PS24V2500MAPower Supply, Tsd, 24V, 2500Ma $41.75Details
ER125568Atlas SoundTSD-PS24V250MAPower Supply, Tsd, 24V, 250Ma $17.12Details
ER125569Atlas SoundTSD-PS24V500MATime Saving Device Power Supply 24 Volt 500Mamp$25.27Details
ER971143Belden Wire941516104'16 Outletstrip,20 Amp,Surge, LacingCall for Price.Details
ER974535Belden WireHVMP014201Pdu Mgr 42U X 3.5W BlkCall for Price.Details
ER410712Bi-TronicsKRA-CACUSKramer Tbus Power Cord-6FtCall for Price.Details
ER132138Bi-TronicsPW-PD815SCNSMiddle Atlantic Power Strip , 8 OutletsCall for Price.Details
ER956320Bogen Communications57453301Power Supply For Ambient Noise Sensor$20.06Details
ER735136Bogen CommunicationsBC35-M015Power Transformer 15Kva OutputCall for Price.Details
ER961728Bogen CommunicationsBCBD10325412.5" Dig, 4 Digt, 110V W/Bezel$162.38Details
ER750484Bogen CommunicationsBCCB-100-000-1Converter Box (115V)$592.65Details
ER1069953Bosch Security730161Power Supply 12Vdc 1.25A 90-260VaCall for Price.Details
ER1038131Bose355974-1010Ta-3 Single Wp-White EachCall for Price.Details
ER144239CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC400MA15V-Dc-400-Milli-Amp-Power Supply-Call for Price.Details
ER145987CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC450MAPower Supply For The Av400 And Av700Call for Price.Details
ER143088CE Labs / Cable Electronics15VDC600MA15 Dc Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER143565CE Labs / Cable Electronics400COMPPSAv400Comp Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER143568CE Labs / Cable Electronics9200010019 Volt A/C 600Ma Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER143569CE Labs / Cable Electronics920-3019-02Power Supply For Extender Or Receiver Part/Hm6Ek-3Call for Price.Details
ER144241CE Labs / Cable Electronics920-5030-01Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER144242CE Labs / Cable Electronics920-5030-01 W41A-H1000-4/2Call for Price.Details
ER144396CE Labs / Cable ElectronicsAC600MA9V 600Ma Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER144759Channel Vision5015PS12Vdc 400Ma Regulated Pow Supply$9.35Details
ER598380Channel VisionAB-134IAMulti Source Amp'D Keypad-IaCall for Price.Details
ER143902Channel VisionB-300Balun:Video,Audio&Power Transmitted Over Cat5Call for Price.Details
ER146129Chief ManufacturingNAPDH11L11 Outlet Surge Arrester With Light-1SpCall for Price.Details
ER144884Chief ManufacturingPAC251Universal Cpu AdapterCall for Price.Details
ER146210Chief ManufacturingSL236SK6Sl236 Motor Service Kit 6Call for Price.Details
ER940027Da-Lite40973Single Motor Low Voltage Controller$276.54Details
ER953902Da-LiteCMCCACathedral Ceiling Adapter$47.01Details
ER930299dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalCNSLT2Dual 70/100V Speaker-Line Transformer$87.30Details
ER1010306dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalPS6Ps6 6Out 12V Pwr Spply F/PmcCall for Price.Details
ER943273dbx Professional Products / Harman InternationalT170V170V Autoformer$73.61Details
ER781995DitekDTK3VWMUSBPower Strip And Charging Station 120Vac$19.45Details
ER771219DitekDTK-7VSPower Strip, 7 Outlet, V-Socket $17.80Details
ER916914DitekDTK-WH9PLUSPremium Whole House Surge Protection KitCall for Price.Details
ER183617Doorbell Fon / ACNCDP29PS12V12V Adapter For Dp29CiCall for Price.Details
ER970032Dortronics4001089Transfrm 300Va Tor 115/230-24V$123.58Details
ER185518ElectroluxCS05081535Ft Soft Touch Tot Cntrl Full Swvl ElectrichoseCall for Price.Details
ER170411Engineered Electronics900825Eng Elec Pwr Supply 12VdcCall for Price.Details
ER616506Erico / Caddy FastenersCSP1NB90Coaxial Surge Protector, N-Type Ff Bulkhead 90VCall for Price.Details
ER314105Erico / Caddy FastenersSLP1RJ11Dataprotector , Surge, Telephone Line Rj11Call for Price.Details
ER314104Erico / Caddy FastenersTDX200M 120/208Surge Protection , Transient, Voltage 120/208Call for Price.Details
ER970462ExacqSA-BSa-B Mounting Brackets, 1 PairCall for Price.Details
ER626408GefenEXT-PS54AUN5Vdc 4 Amps Universal Power Supply - Effcncy Lvl-VCall for Price.Details
ER190513H.A.I. Home Automation90A00-1Hai Poe Injector, One Port$63.67Details
ER190514H.A.I. Home Automation91A00-2Hai 8-Port Poe Network Swtch F/Structured Encl.$373.50Details
ER192050Hikvision USABSW0127-1210002Dc12V/1.25A Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER179425Hikvision USABSW0127-1210002 JACK CONNECTORDc12/1.25A Pwr Sup Jack ConnecCall for Price.Details
ER859443Intra SonicEXI80IIExtreme 8 2-Way Fiberglass Woofer &Amp; Tit$154.89Details
ER884744Intra SonicI600EXTREMEPACVECTORVector I600 Music Stereo System Kit$853.13Details
ER1084029KEFPOWERSPLYMotorized Speaker Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER1026459Key DigitalKD-PS5V1A5 Volt 1A Power Supply (Usa)Call for Price.Details
ER1023341Key DigitalKD-PS5V2ARplcmnt Pwr Spply Balun SideCall for Price.Details
ER1010616Key DigitalKD-PS67V6APwr Sply Msa8X8 Msv8X8 Hdms4X4Call for Price.Details
ER981469Key DigitalKD-PS6V5AIsync Hd: Isync Pro Pwr SplyCall for Price.Details
ER1002487Key DigitalKD-PS6V5APHdmi 4X1:Kd-Msw8X4 Power SpplyCall for Price.Details
ER1025467Kramer Electronics810Color Bar &Amp; Audio Tone Generator$296.37Details
ER1059118Kramer ElectronicsVA256XL(B) Stereo Audio Delay$558.37Details
ER342960LAN Power SystemsIPEYEIIPSUMains Plug Ps F/Lp-IpeyeiiCall for Price.Details
ER951161Lee Dan1877-010Surge Protector F/Telephone LnCall for Price.Details
ER199361Lee Dan1878-010Surge Protector F/Telephone Ln Low VoltageCall for Price.Details
ER1056234Linear / Music & SoundENCPS*Eol* Supply For Mulit-Room Audio Dist.$183.72Details
ER274454MG ElectronicsMGT598Class 2 Transformer Triple Voltage 8 Vac$10.18Details
ER202889Middle Atlantic600-00378Power Supply For Clscool2Call for Price.Details
ER481896Middle AtlanticIEC-120x1Iec Power Cord, Signalsafe Series, 1-Piece, 10 Foo$28.82Details
ER303807Middle AtlanticIEC-240x1Iec Power Cord, Signalsafe Series, 1-Piece, 20 Foo$55.01Details
ER303806Middle AtlanticIEC-300x1Iec Power Cord, Signalsafe Series, 1-Piece, 25 Foo$59.01Details
ER220266Middle AtlanticPD-1815R-RNPwr Strip,Rackmnt,15Amp,18 Outlet(10 Front,8 Rear)$109.50Details
ER235562Middle AtlanticPD-1820R-RNPower Distribution W/ 9 Foot Cord, (18) Outlets, S$148.82Details
ER303780Middle AtlanticPDT-1220C-NSPower Strip, Pdt Series, Thin, High-Density, (12)$140.96Details
ER303777Middle AtlanticPDT-2015C-RNThin Power Strip W/ 9 Foot Cord, (20) Outlets, Sin$177.02Details
ER842030Middle AtlanticPWR-16-VPower Option, Universal Essex, 16 Outlets, 15 Amp,$87.20Details
ER871499Middle AtlanticPWR-24-VPower Option, Universal Essex, 24 Outlets, 15 Amp,$101.74Details
ER790880Middle AtlanticPWR-8-VPower Option, Universal Essex, 8 Outlets, 15 Amp,$58.14Details
ER853112Middle AtlanticPWR-9-RPPower Option, Universal Essec, 9 Outlets, 15 Amp,$72.68Details
ER879162Middle AtlanticPWR-9-RPMPower Unit, (9) Outlets, 15 Amps, W/ Meter, Rackmo$104.65Details
ER339846Middle AtlanticRLNK-SW815R-SPPower Management System, Racklink Series, Sequenci$962.30Details
ER481820Middle AtlanticS-IEC-12X20Extension Cord, Standard, 12 Inch, 18 Awg, 10 Amp$58.36Details
ER481821Middle AtlanticS-IEC-18X20Extension Cord, Standard, 18 Inch, 18 Awg, 10 Amp$64.25Details
ER481823Middle AtlanticS-IEC-6X2020-Pk, 6" Stnd IecCall for Price.Details
ER645833Middle AtlanticS-IEC-6X66Pk 6" Iec 5-15P NemaCall for Price.Details
ER220662Middle AtlanticUPS-1000RUniversal Power Supply, Rackmount, (2) Spaces, 3 1$881.99Details
ER235766Middle AtlanticUPS-1000R-IPUps, Rackmount, 2-Space, 3 1/2 Inch, Network Inter$1,075.01Details
ER203794Middle AtlanticUPS-2200RUniversal Power Supply, Rackmount, (2) Spaces, 3 1$1,171.50Details
ER235767Middle AtlanticUPS-2200R-8Ups 2150Va/1650W 2Space Individually Contrlled Out$1,269.19Details
ER1048025MitekAPC15DPr Cond Surg Sup Ft Lgt Vol Mtr$382.08Details
ER997327MitekPSRKPwr Sup Rm Shf$136.37Details
ER1016367MitekTSDPS24V2500MA2500Ma 24Vdc Tsd Power Supply$52.31Details
ER956315MitekVTB4Dvr Hrn Vt T2/15W$119.36Details
ER1025209MitekVTB6Environment-Resistant Voice/Tone™ Compre$111.68Details
ER861712Muxlab500113Power Supply For 500112 (48Vdc)Call for Price.Details
ER489308Muxlab500478Replacement Power Supply Module For 500470Call for Price.Details
ER1014189Muxlab500992Univ. Power Supply 5Vdc/1.2A Us/Uk/Eu BladeCall for Price.Details
ER1002366Muxlab500993Universal Locking Power Supply 5Vdc/2.6A Us/Uk/EuCall for Price.Details
ER276010Nady Systems401XQUADLT/O4-Channels-Mixed Af ReceiverCall for Price.Details
ER302777Nady SystemsSMPS-2X2 Chan 48V Phantom Powr SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER651000NapcoSLE-DLCBLOption, Uploading/Downloading Feature, Maximum 6 F$6.25Details
ER276803NutoneC915J-Box TransformerCall for Price.Details
ER995572NutoneLA533WHChime White Wireless, 1 ButtonCall for Price.Details
ER1038159NutoneSR501031Isolation Transformer, 24 Volt$20.15Details
ER277890OWI7570 TR25/70V Xfmr 50/75/100W PowerCall for Price.Details
ER207001OWIAMP1S61MVCInc 1Ea Ampic6 P/S 1-Tile Bridge Backcan-1Ea WhiteCall for Price.Details
ER207007OWIAMPPOP1Priority Ovr Ride Page ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER233220Pacific SupplyIP4000Ip Power Stone 4000 Ac Rebooter 40 MbpsCall for Price.Details
ER505091Panamax121-2590Max Flat Plug Adaptor PlugCall for Price.Details
ER1043879PanamaxAC-215A15A Adv Pwr Cnditnr 2 OutletCall for Price.Details
ER505092PanamaxBATT1500-EXTUps Battery Extension PackCall for Price.Details
ER505093PanamaxBB-ZB1Bluebolt Wireles Ethrnt BridgeCall for Price.Details
ER505104PanamaxBC-M1500-UPSRep Bttry Pck F/Mb1500 & F1500Call for Price.Details
ER505087PanamaxBLUEBOLT-CV1Bluebolt Ip Card F/F1500-UpsCall for Price.Details
ER505097PanamaxD10-PFP10Outlet Rack Strip No SurgeCall for Price.Details
ER207083PanamaxGEC1410Extension CordCall for Price.Details
ER505099PanamaxM2A201Otlt Dir Plug In Surge 20 AmpCall for Price.Details
ER913521PanamaxM4000-PRO1 Ru 15 Amp 8 Rear Panel OutleCall for Price.Details
ER239050PanamaxM4315-PROPro Series Prgrm Pwr Mng 15AmpCall for Price.Details
ER505100PanamaxM4320-PRO1 Ru 20 Amp 8 Bluebolt ProgramCall for Price.Details
ER207085PanamaxM4EXMax 4 Ac OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER1032765PanamaxM4LT-EXMax 4 Tel And DataCall for Price.Details
ER277988PanamaxM5300-PMMax 5300 Power ManagementCall for Price.Details
ER233223PanamaxM5400-PMMax 5400 Power ManagementCall for Price.Details
ER239052PanamaxM8-AVMax 8Av 8Ac Coax & Tel AvmCall for Price.Details
ER207087PanamaxM8-AV-PROMax 8 Av Pro 8Ac Coax And TellCall for Price.Details
ER277989PanamaxM8EXMax 8 Ac OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER1013235PanamaxMB10001000Va Rack Mount UpsCall for Price.Details
ER239053PanamaxMB15001500Va Rack Mount UpsCall for Price.Details
ER1044672PanamaxMB850850Va Shelf Mount UpsCall for Price.Details
ER207089PanamaxMD22Ac Plug In Surge ProtectorCall for Price.Details
ER941736PanamaxMD2-AV2 Outlet End-To-End Surge ProtCall for Price.Details
ER207090PanamaxMD2-C2Otlt Dir Plug In Sur Pro CoaxCall for Price.Details
ER1001926PanamaxMD2-DF2 Outlet Dog FenceCall for Price.Details
ER955683PanamaxMD2-TL2Outlet Dir Plug In Sur ProtCall for Price.Details
ER505101PanamaxMD2-ZB2 Outlet Bulebolt WirelessCall for Price.Details
ER979623PanamaxMD2ZBKIT1 Zg-Bbzb1 & 1 Zg-Md2ZbCall for Price.Details
ER207092PanamaxMIW-POWER-PRO-PFPMix-In Wall Power Pro PfpCall for Price.Details
ER277991PanamaxMIW-SURGE-1GInwall Surge Prtctr Stnd DuplxCall for Price.Details
ER1047449PanamaxMIW-XTMax In Wall Power MngmtCall for Price.Details
ER505102PanamaxMOD-AT2Module Annlog Tle 2 LineCall for Price.Details
ER975883PanamaxMOD-AT4Module Analog Tel 4 LineCall for Price.Details
ER965005PanamaxMOD-AT8110Module Anlg Tel 8Line PnchdwnCall for Price.Details
ER1050752PanamaxMOD-CAT5Module Cat-5 EthernetCall for Price.Details
ER505103PanamaxMOD-DBSTVModule 2Sat 1Catv 1TelCall for Price.Details
ER1048860PanamaxMOD-DT4Module Digital Tel 4 LineCall for Price.Details
ER505078PanamaxMOD-SPKPModule Spkr Kypd Cctv Pwr LineCall for Price.Details
ER505076PanamaxMOD-UTP5EModule Lan/Utp 5ECall for Price.Details
ER337772PanamaxMR4000Mr4000 Power ManagementCall for Price.Details
ER505094PanamaxMR4300Mr4300 Power ManagementCall for Price.Details
ER505071PanamaxMR5100Mr5100 Power ManagementCall for Price.Details
ER239057PanamaxMX5102Hybrid Rack Mnt Ups&Pwr CndtnrCall for Price.Details
ER857351PanamaxP360-66 Outlet Pwr Strip 2Usb ChrgngCall for Price.Details
ER845270PanamaxP360-88 Outlet Pwr Strip 4Usb ChrgngCall for Price.Details
ER728787PanamaxP360-DOCK6 Outlet Wall Tap 2Usb ChargngCall for Price.Details
ER239059PanamaxPM8-AVPowermax 8 AvCall for Price.Details
ER207094PanamaxPM8-EXPowermax 8Ac OnlyCall for Price.Details
ER984492PanamaxPST-8Furman Ac Strip 8 OutletsCall for Price.Details
ER979583PanamaxSEP-200Service Entrance ProtectionCall for Price.Details
ER901578PanamaxSM3-PROPwr Cndition 3 Outlet 2 BanksCall for Price.Details
ER505072PanamaxSP-1000Bluebolt Smart Plug 1000Call for Price.Details
ER207096PanamaxSP8-AVSurge Protector 8AvCall for Price.Details
ER953822PanamaxVT4315-PRO15A Vertical Bluebolt Pwr CondCall for Price.Details
ER654284PanamaxVT-EXT8Nema Outlet 3Wall Wart Pwr SpCall for Price.Details
ER1004611Paso Sound Products6837Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER1076742Paso Sound Products931A/C17Ul Power Sply/Tone GenerCall for Price.Details
ER944523Paso Sound ProductsPS833Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER1038520Paso Sound ProductsSW60Power Supply For Wpcs/50/Wpcs50IrCall for Price.Details
ER905710PeerlessHDS-PWR200Power Supply (For Use With Hd Flow Models)Call for Price.Details